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Help with redpower sorting system


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Because there are no logistic pipes in tekkit, I'm trying to build a sorting system with redpower tubes

This is what I have

~all machines are on, have power, and have a pulse when needed~

Alchemy chest as a dump point. Sorting machine attached from it, set to "any item with default route" mode

1 macerator with a sorting machine, same settings

1 furnace, with a sorting machine, same settings

2 chests as end point

I have the first sorter set to send iron ore to the RED pipe, and I have the pipe that goes into the macerator painted red.

I have the second sorter, on the macerator, set to send iron dust to the ORANGE pipe, the pipe going into the furnace is painted ORANGE

I have the third sorter, on the furnace, set to send iron bars to BLACK, the pipe going into one of the chests is painted BLACK.

Now, I can get things going as far as having the ores sent to the macerator, and the macerator sorting machine sometimes takes out the dust, but then glows red with an error. I have NO idea what is wrong.

Do I have to have a separated point-to-point pipe for routs, like one would have if they are making a sorting with buildcraft pipes, but WITHOUT logistic pipes, or would I be fine having a single path bus network, like logistic pipes, where only the end point is painted? I currently have a bus network..



Tried something new


Black = chest, top chest is the origin

Orange = sorting machine

Grey= macerator


The first sorting machine will pull ore, send it to the macerator, but the next machine won't pull it from the macerator

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Please submit an actual screenshot instead of a cartoon where we have no idea what's going on... That picture does not tell us what sides things are connected to, the orientation of anything, the pipe length of anything, whether machiens are next to each other directly or not, or anything else important for solving this.

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There is a sorter attached to the macerator, and the pipe attached to that


Tried putting retrievers on the macerators to pull the dust out.

They would pull it out, but they would not send it to the color pipe I told it to.

Does ANYONE have even a basic guide on how to make a redpower smelter/sorter system?

Everything I come up is in LP format, uses buildcraft pipes, or isn't helpful at ALL


To be specific, I need to

-Pull from chest A

-Sort from chest A, nether ores to macerator, regular ores to RM furnace

-Pull ores from macerator, send to RM furnace

-Pull from RM furnace, send to chest

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