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hexxit mods


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  • 2 months later...

I am also wondering how to add modpacks to tekkit's hexxit. 

I saw on youtube you could do it by simple dragging the modpack (in my case I used dragon mount) into hexxit's mods folder. It showed up as an active mod when I opened hexxit, but I couldn't find any of the items associated with the mod or hatch dragons in game.



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you can't drag a modpack folder created for 1.5.2 MC version (Hexxit) onto a modpack for 1.6.4 (Tekkit) or vice versa.

All mods must be compatible with the MC version you're playing with. Sure, you can drag a modpack folder and paste it onto another modpack folder if the MC versions match. That's like going Magneto by dragging a parking lot filled with cars and dropping it on top of another parking lot with cars, then triumphantly shout - "Perfect parking!" while turning around without looking at the resulting chaos.

The correct way is to read the mod creators site -- www.minecraftorum.net OR www.curse.com where the majority of all MC mods are listed -- and grab the correct mod version that works with the MC version in mind -- one. mod. at. a .time

have patience. Never ever install 2-3 or more mods instantly. Always install one, then start the game and see if it worked.

If it didn't, then you didn't read the mod creators' instructions

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That makes sense, but my hexxit says it's version 1.0.10 and the mods (that came on it already and work) are 1.5.2 mostly, but there are some labeled versions 2.0.5, 2.10.2,, 1.0.36, 55.1.6

And Curse doesn't even have version 1.0.10- it has 1.0.0 and 1.1 and 1.0... I guess I don't understand how the version to mod version works because my hexxit version doesn't at all match any of the mods it comes pre-loaded with :(

Sorry for the inconvenience, really want to understand how to do this.

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there are three seperate numbers here: the modpack version, the mod version and the MC (minecraft) version.

The only number you need to look for is the MC version. ignore the modpack version, it's only there to tell users how many times the modpack has been updated.

a mod can sometimes show what MC version it is for, accompanied by other numbers. For instance; Blood Magic mod looks like this 1.7.10-1.3.3-17.jar

this tells us that the mod is for 1.7.10 MC version. the 1.3.3 is the mod version and -17 is telling us that the mod has been updated 17 times (sort of).

whereas a mod like MoCreatures looks like this: 8.0.1

this only tells us that the mod is at its 8th version and has been updated once. the only way to tell the MC version from this is by looking at the site where the mod creator uploaded his mod (minecraftforum.net -- curse.com)

ignore the mod version numbers. just grab the recent one for the MC version you want. the only thing you need to look out for is the word Beta. if a mod is beta then it's not fully tested and has been rushed-to-release for the public to test. there's no telling if a mod can crash or corrupt your world save with a beta mod.


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