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[3.1.2]DadeTekk[PvP/PvE][1000 Slots][Open][Towny] Multiple World Shards


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Play.DadeTekk.com (

Introducing DadeTekk, the premier multi-sharded Tekkit server. DadeTekk is comprised of 10 separate servers, each running a single world, all of which are linked together with shared inventory and money. We have a number of public worlds and a few exclusive member only worlds.

2 Public Shards - Where you can build to your heart's content

1 Creative World - Test your Tekkit inventions before building them for real.

2 Events Worlds - Spleef, War & Hunger Games

3 Subscriber Only Worlds - Offering seamless game play and unique perks.


DadeTekk Features

  • Multi-Sharded World: No longer multiple worlds cramped onto one server instance thanks to the Transporter Plugin!
  • Re-Balanced PVP: Quantum, Gem, RM & DM Armors all balanced for fair, fun PVP.
  • Towny Server: Build a mighty nation to crush your foes and protect your homes & people.
  • Short, effective tutorial! Free public workshops! Suitable for new players & veterans alike.
  • As little as possible is disabled. We love Tekkit and it's features, so we try to disable as little as possible to keep the game fun and balanced.


DadeTekk Rules

  1. No Hacking/Cheating (Obviously) This includes any hacked client or x-ray pack. We will catch and ban you.
  2. No Exploiting. If you find a glitch report it, if you exploit it we'll find out and you probably won't get off so lightly.
  3. No Spamming (Another obvious one) Don't advertise your own servers or spam profanity when you die.
  4. Don't ask/beg for stuff: Rank-ups are given after playing for a while and items will never be spawned for you. Its Survival, not Creative.
  5. No lag devices: Banks of flashing lights, sand loops, malicious ComputerCraft scripts will find your machines destroyed or yourself banned.
  6. No crying! Grief is allowed if you have not protected your home with Towny. You can also be killed anywhere, so be on your guard and build defensively!
  7. Have fun. If you have a problem talk to an Agent


DadeTekk Restrictions

Regrettably, some items need to be restricted and they have been. Some items are available to Residents (after 7 hours of playing). Other items are flat-out banned. I won't mention the obvious things like duplicators which all servers should have disabled.


DadeTekk Staff

Our staff is chosen from the community for hard work, helping others and a dedication to the players and server harmony. We have a team of "Agents", chosen from the community who will assist you with any issue you may have before you need to contact Moderators or Admins






DadeTekk Plugins

Towny, LWC, Essentials, DynMap, Transporter, PVPLogger, PEX & Various anti-cheat and anti-lag solutions.

The Hardware

Quad Xeon x5570 (32 Total CPU Cores)


1GBps Fiber

Raid SSDs

Useful Links

Website & Forum: DadeTekk.com

Teamspeak 3, Connect to: www.Dadetekk.com

Vote for DadeTekk every day and earn 32k per vote: http://goo.gl/sfMQk , http://goo.gl/yXBqg & http://goo.gl/OiZEk

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Steer clear of this place. Looks good on server stats, but looking closer, this place is bullshit. Their multi-shard server is CONSTANTLY LAGGY. Most worlds run no better than 7 ticks per second at best, and you can only get better than that by paying. NO CONDENSERS. NO BUILDCRAFT PIPES. Also, all these 'improvements' they are always making means that you can do something perfectly legal for weeks and then the admin will turn around and ban you without telling you you are doing something wrong, and without ever posting a rule about it.

There is only one admin besides the owner and he's a mentally-disabled Briton who is more interested in talking about pony porn on Teamspeak than helping people in the server. All the top players are dickheads who bite your head off for asking a simple question. There is no real server community, there are only new players that come then leave after a day, and year-old players who just talk about other games in chat. The 'economy' is a joke - the server administrator has no idea how an economy is supposed to work and as a result, when a player makes enough money that he is in danger of 'imbalancing the economy' (which is a joke, there is no economy to be balanced) the server administrator simply takes all that player's money and gives him a talking to.

All in all I would rate it 1/10 as a tekkit server, the 1 is because while I was there I did technically get to play some tekkit.

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Oh dear.. it seems i will have to explain. This person is called cheyyne and the "mentally-disabled briton" he is referring to is me. :) I'm not sure where any of his rantings came from but.. Anyway.. I would like to explain that this player, cheyyne, sold items in the server for real cash, and that is why he was banned, he was given a chance to refund his victim but instead decided not to. So he was banned.

Since then he has spammed our forum/teamspeak with nazi/porn/hate etc stuff.. proving his extreme immaturity, rather than submitting a ban appeal. I would kindly ask other administrators to ban him before his stupidity comes to infect another server.

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This server really is awesome. The mods are responsive, there are always crazy shenanigans going on, and all-in-all no matter what you love most, be it creative, building, inventing or pvping, the server has options with constant support to go with it.

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