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Thread removed?


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I made a Thread and it has been removed? All I was doing was asking about a additional modpack for the technic loader related to making youtube video's and help for server administrators. Then said the mod's that would be nice in said pack. I read the rules, What exactly did I do wrong?

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I don't want to backseat mod, or say anything on the behalf of anyone else,

but basically you smell and put it in the wrong forum. There's a suggestions thread.

Then why was it not moved there instead of being removed and where is it? because I can't find it and it says I have posted nothing

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generally, the technic team doesn't really take suggestions for packs to add to the launcher. the packs that are in there are there because they think that those packs are really high quality and worth playing. at some point in the future there may be a way to create a "custom" pack for yourself and play it through the launcher, but that is not exactly going to be soon.

I'd guess your thread was removed because of that. it wasn't moved to a proper place because we are not paid to do this shit and we're not here to fix your mistakes. you are there to fix your own mistakes.

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