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Need a few more textures


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So, I posted here a while ago asking if someone could make some textures for my mod, and morton00000 was nice enough to oblige me. Time marches on however, and now my mod has a few new features in need of textures. So I come to you good people once again. Here's the files with some placeholder textures I slapped together:



For the top one, that set of 6 textures on the end needs to be an evil version of the 6 before them, which I approximated by making them darker :P This is an alternate texture for the same block created by feeding it lots and lots of baby animals and then it explodes into it's new form, so eyes, bits of bone and fur, blood, streaks of lava, whatever seems appropriate would be good.

The second one is the gui for said block. This needs a better texture for the beige thing with the black dots. That bit represents the amount of ground up animals stored in the internal buffer, and it's overlaid in that slot to the left of the item slots. The top part of the bar is always displayed and rises in the gui as the buffer becomes more full. I'll say again, ground up animal bits, so a somewhat grim theme as described above would not go amiss.

As usual, all I can offer is your name in the credits and the various threads where I post this, but I would be very grateful if someone could make this, as I think my skills in the texture making department are pretty obviously not so great.

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Actually, check the advanced texturing options-you can now make connected textures with any block as long as you provide an ID in a special configure file. See Isabella 2 texture pack for an example using wool blocks.

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Finished some preliminary work on the GUI since my usual Minecraft server is misbehaving (we suspect ddosing,) so I'll also some pretty pictures up as soon I can, as I wasted the rest of the day figuring out the CTM features for Optifine. Lots of fun things I can use on my texture pack, but the sticky widget will be the use of block metadata that forces me to try and do a combined ctm.properties file.

We'll see how that experiment goes.


Okay, haven't gotten around to playing with the ctm.properties file yet, but here's the stuff I whapped up for you.



I made two GUI for the altered version, didn't know if you felt right with the dark colors. I figured that the best feel would be a Nether-like color, and had to source out that lovely squishy meat texture for the "soul tank." The inverted blue flame color felt right for an evil thing, as it's pretty much burning souls by nature. I also swapped in some little things that I borrowed from my texture pack that I use and upgrade for private use to fit better. (Really, an arrow, Minecraft? A line of fire always works better for a furnace/smelter, IMO. :D )

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Ooh, very cool. I wish the forum told me when people edit their posts, as I just noticed this now... T_T And yeah, the nether colored block and GUI is perfect, as is the fuel. The flame and progress bar are also nice touches.

Edit: And just a heads up, I felt my earlier glass texture was a bit too opaque, so I took it to 65 % opacity. Easy enough copy/paste for the terrain, which I just did, but just so you know for the CTM textures.

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Yeah, once I get the meat of it done and released, I can work on a Tekkit version of my texture pack. It's actually a continuation/refinement of an abandoned pack by a favorite artist of mine.

I'll certainly do one for your mod, too. :D

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