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[3.1.2]Doctor Mayhem Towny Server[PvP][TOWNY][40 Slots][Essentials][Economy][LWC][Homes]


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Connect To The Server Using This Address




Our Website



  • AutoRank
  • ChestShop
  • DeathControl
  • Essentials
  • LogBlock
  • LWC
  • McBans
  • ModifyWorld
  • MoneyDrop
  • MultiHome
  • PermissionsEX
  • ScheduledAnnouncer
  • SetRankPEX
  • Tekkit Restrict
  • Towny
  • World Border
  • World Edit
  • World Guard


Server Specifications

  • Quad Core i7- 3770K @ 4.2Ghz
  • 32GB G.Skill RAM
  • 120GB SSD w/ Worlds Loaded onto
  • 500gb backup drive.
  • 30 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload


About Us

We absolutely hate griefing. Well put it at that. We want to keep ALL tekkit items so nothing is banned, except for the RM furnace, due to the duping exploit. Everything else we have limited to keep a fair game play, but nothing to affect your playing experience. We Log EVERY single thing each player does. So there is no getting away with anything. We have added tekkit items to LWC so you can protect all your tekkit items such as your iron chests, your quarries, and etc. The only way of income is by killing mobs, or getting payed from senior players with tons of money.


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Thank your for tellin me, will be fixed shortly

Turns out, I was banned today, Took you guys a while, much longer than it should have. I could have hit a lot more than that ONE house. I could have abused the exploit. I could have done alot to your server. I hope you 'up' your security.

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