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Crated Nikolite - broken?


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In my game, Crated Nikolite doesn't seem to exist. NEI shows up "crate with unknown content" where I suspect it should be, as it looks like a picture of Nikolite on a crate, but the game doesn't allow me to craft any.

Is there a simple fix that I can do in order to get it working?

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*points to an add-on mod for Forestry that has Nikolite recipe for the Carpenter's crating function*

Points to the big gaping hole in tekkit where forestry used to be but now isn't, making this irrelevant to an SMP tekkit forum.

@ OP, if it's a forestry mod issue, then post on the forestry forum or minecraft wiki thread or whatever they have.

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Yeah, forgot to add that I had Forestry installed along with Tekkit. I see posts for people installing Forestry, so hoped that this would have some relevance here, just in case this is due to some incompatibility between the two, and in case it's some documented issue with a simple fix.

I shall take my query to the Forestry forums and hope I can find assistance there.

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