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[3.1.2]Factionskilled.me[PvP][200 slots][Open][Showcase][Transporter][EE disabled]


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SERVER IP: mc.factionskilled.me

99% Uptime 24/7

Have you ever wanted to enjoy all the traps and weapons Tekkit has to offer? Have you ever wanted to make a secret base with hidden switches and lava pit falls? We here at factions killed me also wanted these things and more. This server has been created with pvp/raiding balance in mind so you can always be on an equal footing with your neighbor.

Join us and build your secret underground factory and topple the other players today!


Violations will be dealt with as the current admin/mod sees fit at the time.

1.Use common sense

a.Don’t group with people who you don’t trust, then complain that they killed you.

b.Don’t disrespect your fellow player, keep the mayhem civil.

c.Cheating is against the rules on every server, same as here.

2.Stealing/Raiding is ok. Camping players is not.

3.Don’t spam chat or randomly /tpa other players.

4.No begging, this includes items, “teaming”, or anything else. Get your own stuff.

5.Respect the decision of admins/mods. If you feel their decision was unjust, appeal it on the website.











What do all of those plugins mean to you?

It means that you can hunt players and monsters to earn Industrial Credits or you can craft them yourself using the standard recipe. These can be traded to other players or sold to the “bank” for coins. These coins are then used to buy a multitude of items in the various shops at the safe zone town, Last Stand.

Last Stand showcases the efforts of a talented builder and sets the theme for the server, a dystopian future where nuclear war has ravaged the land. This city is the only safe refuge on the server where pvp is disabled and you are safe from mobs. It also has the rules/tips board, jail, shops, and hidden caves to explore in the neighboring mountains.

Badlands is where your journey begins; build up a huge economic fortune and sell it to other players at shrewd prices or don your diamond armor and hunt players with your musket. The choice is yours. You transport between these two worlds (Badlands and Laststand) using the plugin Stargate. Not only can you go between worlds, including the nether, but you can warp around the map using it as well.





•Computer Craft is restricted (see website for details)

First and foremost, EE is disabled. We feel that it creates an unfair advantage and imbalance for not only pvp but in the economy as well. If you feel this is false, please feel free to post a valid argument here and I will be sure to make it a lively discussion.

Nano armor and quantum armor are also disabled for this same reason. It makes you immune to damage unless you are afk for long extended periods of time. The nanosaber is also disabled for its quick and lethal damage.

Computer Craft just needs to be approved by a mod/admin because of the malicious code that can be written.


On the website is a tutorial for the stargate plugin. It will take you to wherever you set the destination and you can even network together multiple gates. The website also offers forums and a place to request codes/turtles/etc from computer craft.

There is also a place to donate. The donations don’t give anyone too much of an imbalance, just a few things of convenience, a title, etc. Go check it out and keep the server owner happy.


A word about Last Stand and Badlands,

Last Stand was largely constructed by hand either with world edit or block by block. Anything you see in the Badlands was probably built legitimately, all of the admins/mods play legit. There are instances where we test things out and forget to tear them down though.


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