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[3.1.2]ZeePal's Server[PvP][20 slots][Open][Factions, mcMMO, Economy][Some EE Banned]

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This Server Requires

Tekkit 3.1.2

This is a 24/7 PvP Tekkit server based around Factions and an Economy.

You are allowed to Grief people, steal from people and kill people


Server: mc.ZeePal.net

Server IP:

Cheating/Hacking will not be tolerated!





This server is located in Las Vegas (USA West Coast).

The latency is only 190ms from Melbourne with an ADSL connection.

Bukkit Plugins:

  • EnderPortalFix_Tekkit (Written by Owner)
  • Essentials
  • EssentialsGeoIP
  • Factions (Custom Version)
  • FactionsPlus (Custom Version)
  • GravelClay
  • Jobz (Written by Owner)
  • LagMeter
  • mcbans
  • mcMMO (Custom Version)
  • McMmoAp
  • Modifyworld
  • NoLagg
  • PermissionsEx
  • SafeExplosions
  • Vault
  • WorldBorder

Banned Items:

  • General:
  • - Chunk Loaders (You must be playing to earn your loot)
  • Industrial Craft:
  • - Mining Laser (A little op for mining)
  • Build Craft:
  • - Quarry (use the Industrial Craft Miner coz big holes look ugly)
  • Equivalent Exchange:
  • - Anti-Matter Relays (Buy your fuels)
  • - Collectors (Buy your fuels)
  • - Transmutation Tablets (Find your loot or steal it!)
  • - Energy Condenser (Find your loot or steal it!)
  • - Hammers (Use other Red & Dark Matter Tools)
  • - Combo tools (Use other Red & Dark Matter Tools)
  • - Gem Armour (Come on you know you want Quantum!)
  • - Alchemical Bags (You can make the Cyan 1)
  • - Philosophers Stone (Buy your fuels)
  • - All Stones
  • - All Rings but the Harvest Goddess Ring
  • - All Amulets
  • - All Lens
  • - Gem of Eternal Destiny
  • - Mercurial Eye
  • - Talisman of Repair


  • No Cheating
  • No Hacking
  • No Glitching
  • No Modded Clients
  • No Griefing WILDERNESS! (You can grief people with lava!)
  • Don't Spawn kill to much let the outsiders build a house first then kill them ;)

Known Problems:

  • You can craft banned items with Tekkit's crafting tables but they will be deleted from your inventory so don't waste your loot

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