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  1. Yea I was playing Tekkit, it crashed and when I tryed to login it said every time counldnt conect to minecraft.net would you like to run offline mode.
  2. Launcher Version: Operating System: 64bit Java Version: java7u5 Antivirus Program: Trend Micro Titanium Internet Protection Description of Problem: When I am in tekkit, When i try to look at a recipie in recipie mode, the screen goes white and closes tekkit? any advice? Error Messages: Error Log:
  3. Launcher Version: latest Operating System: i have a new toshiba windows 7 laptop with 500gb ram and 4gm memery Java Version: Antivirus Program: trend micro titanium 2012 Description of Problem: When i try to open the launcher, im connected to 5bars of wifi and it sais, Unable to download launcher. Please cheack your internet connection by opening www.techniclauncher.net in your web broser. Error Messages: Error Log:
  4. Yea i know.... and the old server(plot world) is my favorate server
  5. if anyone knows how to fix the message Update Failed plz skype me at Buggy008 asap plz
  6. i tryed Niall_ skype me at Buggy008
  7. dictioncracker skype me plz at Buggy008
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