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syncing game between two computers


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I'm looking for a simple way to sync two PC's to the same Technic Game. One is a Home Theater PC and the other is a desktop. I'd rather play on the HTPC, but sometimes someone is using the Xbox or TV. I've seen instructions on how to do this with dropbox, but my internet isn't very fast and I'd rather save it on my local network server anway. Right now I'm just dragging and dropping my saves to my network drive manually. Is there a way to make the default save drive a network drive? Would that slow things down if it was on a network?

Sorry, just noticed that this isn't in the Technic Forum. There isn't an option to delete this so if a Mod would move it to the correct one that would be appreciated.

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Something like dropbox is the only really sane way of doing this I can think of. Dropbox keeps your files locally first and foremost, and the game would read locally from it, thus as fast as your hard drive allows. But it would also sync up at its own pace across the network, which can lag behind without lagging your actual gameplay.

If you used a network drive, then I think there is no local copy saved on all computers. Its only saved on the "Server" computer generally. Which would mean your game would run fine on that computer, but on the other one, it would constantly be loading chunks from over the network, which would be horrible.

But I may be wrong. You should look into a detailed tutorial on network folders and/or see if there's an options menu or something for your particular OS. It might provide the feature of keeping a local copy on all networked computers, in which case it is basically a private dropbox, and would work fine.

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Update: I just looked on my own operating system, which is Windows 7, and there IS an option to do what you want.

If you right click the folder in explorer, and go to "properties" then click the "sharing" tab, you can then go to "Advanced sharing" and hit "share this folder. Then if you go into yet ANOTHER sub menu for "caching", you can set the option to make "all files available offline to all users"

This will make it run at max hard drive speed for all networked computers.

I don't know how or if you can do this as easily on non-Windows 7 machines.

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