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Do overclockers make recyclers produce less scrap?


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My recycler is hooked up to a chest that pumps out cobble to a recycler that pumps the scrap into a chest. When the overclockers are in it feels like I'm getting a lot less scrap from the recycler, an example would be from a stack of 64 cobble i got 2 scrap. With them out it seems to create more, but overflows very quickly. Are the overclockers producing less or am i just having a bit of bad luck.

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Yeah, overclockers get very power hungry, very fast.

But they don't waste any time eating a whole stack of cobble. :D

I actually ran a simple system that took in extra byproducts from a RP horizontal mining rig I made myself, and fed the scrap to a fabricator. Ate through my byproducts at a clip of 20 or so seconds per stack, with 8 overclockers. I wish I could check the power drain, but I lost that map.

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Just some bad luck. Whatever the situation, the recycler has one chance to create a scrap from an item out of eight. It can vary a bit, of course, but it doesn't have to do with overclockers.

Yeah, keep in mind, the recycler has a certain percentage of making one piece of scrap, so it can be inconsistent.

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