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How to hack into a computer even if you can only reach the Front side...


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Maybe you've been there before. Some annoying dude put a computer in a place that makes it seem impossible to place a disk drive and boot it from disk so that you can edit his files. This is annoying, because they can write their program to prevent you from terminating it, and you can't reboot, because you need access to the front to hold down control-R, and thats the only place to put a new boot disk. But never fear! I have designed and tested a working solution:


The computer in the back... imagine that it is in a forcefield or something, so you can't place a disk drive anywhere except on the front, which would block your ability to access the console.

You can STILL boot it from disk with this setup. Right in front of the computer, place another computer. Left in this picture is WEST.

So then you put a block breaker west, a deployer east (with a disk drive in it), and a transposer below (with a chest with a disk that has an empty "startup" file on it)

On your computer run a program that has this:



Due to the order that redstone signals get processed in, within a SINGLE TICK:

1) The comptuer gets broken

2) A disk drive gets placed in front of the computer to be hacked instead

3) A disk gets put into the disk drive.

This all happens so fast that the computer you're hacking has not yet completed its reboot operation. Thus, by the time it reboots, there is already a disk drive with a boot disk in it in front of it, so it boots from that.

Now just break everything and you have root access, without ever having gone past the forcefield even. From here, you can mess with their password program, install a keylogger, blah blah whatever you want.

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You can't press ctrl R without access to the console which requires you click an exposed face of the computer. Unless I'm missing something. Also, rebooting takes like less than a fifth of a second it seems to me from eyeballing it. It's faster than typical human reaction time for sure. So even if the console stays up on your screen after being blocked from your sight, you'd still have to practice the timing obsessively until you could basically do it with your eyes closed, in order to succeed.

And that (setup + training your timing) would probably end up taking like 10x longer than just letting minecraft and the SouthEast rule do the timing for you

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No, I mean you put the deployer and transposer wired up with the same redstone, the transposer with a delay. Put a fat delay on their redstone, like 10 seconds or so.

Click the lever, right-click the computer. Wait 10 seconds - now the disk drive and disk should be in place. Press CTRL-R, without leaving the computer.

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