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Cute, Crazy, Creepy Pack!


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I have just a few issues with a 'crazy/cute/creepy' pack:

  1. For whatever reason I'm too lazy to fix or check my Minecraft has no sounds, at all. Mobs jumping me out of nowhere and scaring the life out of me is creepy enough.
  2. What gameplay would this add? Don't get me wrong, adding something like this to Technic via your own add-on pack is something I encourage (Although I can almost guarantee I won't use it, out of personal taste), but its own section alongside Technic, Tekkit, Hack/Mine, the Voxelbox, or the Yogbox? I just don't see it - it'd be next to impossible to make such a pack with the quality of most of those.
  3. I find few things cute in this world: My girlfriend, my cat, and fairly soon my firstborn son. Just personal taste, I don't like cute too much except on things I'm intensely familiar with.
  4. Minecraft is crazy. To quote something I've said before, "It's... It's (Expletive) blocks."

But, if you can find mods that work well together, or mesh well with the other mods in Technic/Tekkit while simultaneously adding gameplay value not only within the respective mods themselves, but also in how they interact with the other mods and game in general, I will play it.

An example of a (In my opinion) bad choice would be Mo' Creatures. Sure, it adds mobs. Pets, horses, breeding, flying mounts, new enemies, all that jazz... That's great. What does it add that changes the way gameplay with my other mods occurs, besides annoying animals making noise all day, removing vanilla mobs, and giving me items I have no intention to use and can't turn into EMC/macerate/do anything but waste space with?

For me, that answer is nothing. So, while I wish you luck, it'll be quite the undertaking for you.

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I just thought of this; why not use the craziest, cutest or creepiest pack? I'm not talking scary creepy, but I mean odd, like the Mo' Creeps and Weirdos mods, or something like that. I know this will get turned down quickly, but I just wanted to bring it up for a suggestion.

if you make a modpack like that ill deffinetly use it only problem is good luck getting mo creeps and weirdos with mo creatures

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