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  1. SXScarecrow had it right. FTB is partnering with Curse. Curse isn't buying FTB.
  2. Wow, that's a necro so bad even I got a notification.
  3. Are you/can you run it from the command line?
  4. Ah, my apologies, I was actually unaware there was another craftbukkit. As HalibutBarn said, tekkit, and all other forge mods, need the MCPC craftbukkit, found here. http://mcportcentral.co.za/ Edit: In related news, the creator of MCPC, cpw, is changing the way it works, so it will no longer be needed to port mods as was previously required.
  5. Uh, "Craftbukkit", there's a difference. You can't run mods on a normal bukkit server.
  6. huh? I'm confident it didn't. Where did you get that idea?
  7. Just so you know, craftbukkit is not yet updated. So even if all the mods were updated, tekkit would have to either wait for craftbukkit or release a version without it.
  8. Yeah, I'm out of here. I built a complex autocrafting system that automatically made a number of items, only to log back on and find some holes in it. Then I checked the ender chest I was using to keep end products in for easy access. Someone was pumping all the items out somewhere. Anything i put in was automatically pumped out. Now, I dont mind people using the stuff, in fact, thats what it was for, so people could have unlimited access to the specific blocks I was making. But there was no reason to pump all of them out. Logging in to find my stuff griefed, people needlessly steal
  9. Quite impressive. Not sure, but I don't think normal turtles can break and pick up obsidian, you need a mining turtle, and the diamonds to make it. Also, you need a diamond to make a mass fab. Just 1 though, so I suppose it might be considered cheaper.
  10. Just as an aside, you can copy and rename the bag files with your name. Then when you open the bags they will be copies of the original bags. Such a plugin would be useful, but we have no idea if these bags will be in EE3, so it might not be useful for very long.
  11. Make a port of each mod for bukkit. Plugins are different from ports. But yeah, hopefully we wont have to do it anymore.
  12. It's not hard... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+version+of+java+do+i+have&l=1
  13. So does every single one of the millions of MC users, trust me, this is not the kind of thing they ignore.
  14. Useful site, more reliable than mojang's. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/
  15. Whatever mojang says about it being for server owners to get ready, the pre-release a week early is so that MCP and forge can update as fast as possible. I'm betting that the major mods that are released for 1.3 will be updated within the week. And I'm hoping that redpower is not far behind.
  16. This is true, cpw is completely redoing craftbukkit so that mods no longer need porting. Unfortunately, this will take a lot of time. Who knows when it will be ready.
  17. The pack is not going away. There is no reason to have 2 packs. So there will be one merged pack. And actually it will be for 1.4, but that's beside the point. Honestly, the only important thing I see here is whether they will call it tekkit or technic.
  18. Best idea is, don't use black hole chests, they can be kind of glitchy.
  19. The inside source is slowpoke, and there's not much else i can say. :)
  20. This is not mine, but seriously, its awesome.
  21. I have a couple inside sources with the mod devs. Redpower will not release till 1.4.
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