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Slot machine (ic2/cc, variable payout, good display, interactive, multiplay and payout)


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Hi all

When I started this project I didnt realise others had even tried this but before posting as first ever I did a search to ensure it was and found people had done this but none were made in this way and most were no where near as interesting or well thought out so I proudly present my own take on the tekkit slot machine


The machine has an input chest so you can place multiple plays worth of diamonds (or whatever you set as the cost item) in the input chest and unlike any other machine this is a reel based machine with a graphical output (no spin animation at the moment) with a push to play activation so its not just constantly pulling in items making it in my view a lot better than the currently available machines.

Once pressed the machine kicks in pulling 1 diamond from the chest regardless if there are stacks or not and will only activate if the correct currency is used (bad currency is left in the chest so no harm no foul) when the price is paid the reels spin (each reel having 5 possible outcomes but can easily be reduced or expanded as required) once the spin is complete (takes less than a second) the screen displays the result plus tells you if you have won or lost



Currently I have chosen the face reels but any ascii could be used and as you can see on this spin I won and the machine lets you know this and asks the player to then wait for 2 seconds for your winnings to be placed in the chest to the right (allows you to play multiple games and stack your winnings rather than throwing them on the floor like other machines seem to do.

once completed and the correct amount of winnings is paid the machine resets ready for the next play (as above this takes about 2 seconds only due to delay added to allow player to see results).

Its simple and works like a charm its not as large as other machines and the biggest part is the screen which I think is the most important part of any slot machine and works just like a real machine would.

I will be uploading a video of it and how to make it with the code for the computer element soon.

But to let you have a rough idea the machine totals 3 blocks high, 5 wide (7 if walled around) and 7 blocks deep but I'm working to reduce this into a smaller size but the screen is what makes the machine the size it is (screen can be only 1 wide and tall if you happy to display instructions in pages or on signs and have numerical reels instead of ascii) and totals 104 lines of code to make it function but once again this can be reduced if you only want numerical output and no instructions built in.

So this is my take on a slot machine which is really a copy of a real life one for tekkit.

We will be building a casino on server soon and I will try to create some more rl copies of other machines to.

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same as bud, if you have steam my account is ided2010 just drop me a message and I'll get on, otherwise you'll need to give me a rough time so I can try to be there for you as the design machine seen above is not in a public location currently and I'm currently chewing through Torchlight 2 and 3 c#.net courses so its unlikely I will just be hanging around on the server, but if Dredcor is on I'm sure he will gladly show you it if I am unavailable.

Till tomorrow (later on today at this point) have fun and I'll look forward to seeing you soon.

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