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cant connect (port forwarded, static ip'd, allowed through firewall)


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here is what i've done:

-installed both hamachi and tungle to bypass, got right over that and uninstalled properly

-have set up static ip

-have attemted to port forward (http://www.yougetsig...ols/open-ports/ shows that the port is not open even though i opened it manualy, and portforwarded correctly multiple times)

-have disabled tunnel adapters that never showed up in ipconfig /all before downloading tungle

-have searched google for 4 weeks and still have no solution to this problem.

can anyone help, please, im getting desperate, i want to play tekkit online

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just to be sure - you are trying to set-up a tekkit server? (it's not exactly clear from the post)

if so, what's your network topology (e.g. server -> router -> adsl modem)? can you connect from the same pc or from some pc on same network?

no warnings/errors in console/log file?

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