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Make Tekkit Multithreaded

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Tekkit has optifine in it. Optifine has a multithread version that works great. I use it in my 1.2 server, runs so smooth. I tried dumping the optifine MT files into the minecraft.jar to no avail. Maybe there is some way to hack the mt version into the client. A choice of optifines would be badass in the launcher, the MT optifine works so nice, and so many people have at least dual cores, but it is probably not as stable, and people whine so much when something doesn't work its probably not worth it for the tekkit team.

But the optifine page says they are looking to combining the versions in the future so maybe just wait!

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it should work if you drop it into your modpack.jar, instead of minecraft.jar. modpack.jar is found here: %APPDATA%\.techniclauncher\tekkit\bin\

I haven't tested it personally since I have no performance issues, but that would be how to install it I believe.

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Eh, overclocking these days ain't worth it.

The mt optifine dedicates the other thread to background loading. What I noticed is the far off rendering much quicker.

depends on the system being overclocked. If you have loads of other resources not being used (RAM being the main one) and find that your CPU is being quite highly taxed, overclocking can be great. Just be careful, overclocking will cause your CPU to run a lot hotter so if you don't have sufficient cooling you can wave your CPU goodbye.

Then again, unless you are running processing intense programs like media editing or rendering programs you shouldn't need a processor that runs faster than 3.4ghz imo.

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