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[3.1.2]MindForgeTekkit[No PVP][50 Slots][Limited EE][Open][Clans,Towny,Iconomy,LWC,ChestShop][24/7]


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Welcome to MFC-Tekkit Server

This is a survival towny server so feel free to join us and make your own town for protection and to grow a community. Our server is all about innovation and being the best of the best- having the best designs, the best factory, ect. Are YOU ready for the challenge? PvP is disabled except in the PvP arena. We aren't a white-list server, so join at any time!

Important Info

Server Full? Sign up here while you wait: http://mindforgecraft.enjin.com/

IP address: tek.mc-mfc.com

# IP address:

Why Us? We have a mature staff that actually helps people

About our server:

  • -Our server is 50 slots
  • -Intel I7
  • -Memory: 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • - HardDrive: 500GB 16MB SATA3 6GB/S HARD DRIVE
  • -We aren't a white-list server, so join at any time!
  • -No PvP (Other than specified arenas)
  • -Mall to sell stuff
  • -Players are friendly and will do personal trades with you as well.

Some of our plugins:

  • -Essentials
  • -Towny
  • -Clans
  • -LogBlock
  • -Iconomy
  • -ChestShop
  • -Other plugins administrative plugins


  1. Listen to the Admins.
  2. No harassment.
  3. No cheating as in x-ray, flying without perms, no hacked clients, no glitching.
  4. No asking for items.
  5. No asking for ranks.
  6. No spamming.
  7. No advertising.
  8. Don't be stupid, use common sense.

Ban Items:

  • -Nukes, dynamite, tnt carts, and any other explosive(grief)
  • -Cannons(grief)
  • -Word Anchors/Dimensional Anchors/Teleport Tethers(coruption, lag)

Restricted Items:

  • -Energy Collectors
  • -Anti-Matter Relay
  • -EE Rings other than Swiftwolf/Harvest Goddess
  • Computers



  • -Sclossin
  • sNZGk.png
  • -Mitjitsu(makes the avatars)
  • ZSSpx.png
  • -Magiks
  • J8DSb.png
  • -Twaltz
  • LCRUW.png


  • Fingerbone1(Avatar coming soon)


  • -Samathajuarez
  • -Cossey
  • -frosty999
  • -Rawdog9999

The World:







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