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Help! Lagspike area, how do you handle them?


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Sorry, I'm new here, (first post) but I'll try my best to explain the problem clearly,

Around a volcano, some other people built there homes, it has plenty of machinery inside and all that. I could come and go fine the night before, but this morning when I tried to get close, I got a huge lagspike, running on small render distance, around as soon as I saw the basalt, (Its a shield volcano). If I'm not near the area I'm fine client wise, I get my typical 40 FPS, but there is some more server lag as well.

Its fairly obvious something there doing is causing this, and I need to know how to stop it, I cannot even get close enough to see their actual fort.

And its my server by the way, and I've tried restarting it a couple times, but nothing changes.

Thank You

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