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[Tekkit 3.1.2]Jammed Gears[PvP][No whitelist][Factions][EE2][Economy]

Jammed Gears

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Jammed Gears





Jammed Gears is a tekkit server that you will not regret joining. It has great plugins that greatly enhance gameplay even more and a really kind community. Our website: http://www.jammedgears.co.cc

When you join our server you get a starter kit (stone pickaxe, stone sword, iron chestplate, and 15 steak) to help you get started so you don't have to go through the painful process of punching trees and making wooden tools! When you start, you also get enough money to buy two diamonds!


'Factions' is a plugin that plays a great role in our server. This plugin allows you to create factions to form teams as well as strengthen the bonds between you and other players. It also allows you to claim land to protect your base. BUT if your power is lower than the amount of land you have, you can be 'raided' which is basically an enemy faction claiming your land, then stealing your stuff. 'Power' in Factions is very important. You can have a maximum of 10 power. For each power you can claim one chunk of land (from bedrock to sky limit and it is 16x16). When you die you lose 2 power.

Although economy is not an important plugin, we do allow you to purchase and sell items at the shop. For example if you need some sticky resin, and you have a condenser, you could buy one sticky resin for its EMC value!


We use a 24/7 no-lag online hoster for our server with hosting centers in USA and Europe, but players in other parts of the world also have very little lag! We do this to provide the best gaming experience possible for our players. We are constantly looking for promotions as the server gets busier and busier. We have friendly admins and other staff that will be willing to help you at anytime, this is because of our careful selection of staff that meet the "friendliness" requirement.


Plugins that are installed are:

- Factions

- Buycraft

- JammedGears

- JGBanItem

- JGChat

- JGEco

- JGBanItem

- JGProtect

- GroupManager

Banned/restricted items

We do not remove any mods in tekkit, because we believe that it ruins the purpose of the tekkit pack, although we do restrict some plugins because they are destructive or overpowered. The restricted /banned items are on our site.


The server does have a few rules to assure fairness as well as the safety of the server and other players.

1. No spawn camping

2. No cheating/hacking

3. No glitching or exploiting

4. No spamming.

5. Don't ask for items/ranks

6. Replant trees

7. No advertising

Hopefully this post hasn't been too long and boring… but we look forward to seeing you on the server!

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All of ComputerCraft - if not properly used, it can lag the server

its in the banned items. computer craft is a mod you banned it all. thats not removing a mod?

Some people get confused between mods and think that computer craft is part of another mod. Thats why we thought to put that in the form it is so people understand.

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