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can you make a tekkit for xbox360


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the short answer to your question is no.

the long answer (which I can't give at the moment, on a phone) deals with the fact that

a) there are no mods for minecraft for xbox360, so therefore, no modpacks

2) unless the incredibly improbable (some would say impossible) happens, there will never be mods for any games for xbox360. or xbox, playstation 3, wii, or any number of other consoles on the market. mods are something that are unique to pc gaming, for a number if reasons.

•if somehow, you did make a modpack for minecraft xbox360, distributing it would require users to hack their xbox360's, voiding the waranty

so in short, there will NEVER, as in less likely than forestry coming back to tekkit/technic, as in less likely than flowerchild using forge, be a mod or modpack for minecraft for xbox360.

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