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Floating Black Pellets Dropped by Alchemical Tools

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I have recently just started a small server for a couple of friends which, up to now, has been fine. Only recently after we started to be able to afford to create tools using dark matter and red matter (namely the Hammer (Dark/Red) and Morning Star) when we use it to destroy blocks when there isn't a charge and it's on mega impact mode it will destroy the 3x3 set of blocks as per usual but as it drops the black pellet thing, that condenses the drops, on it's path down it splits, one freezes at about head height and the other falls to ground which can be picked up normally. Obviously when your digging a tunnel every 1 block there will be this black pellet thing floating in mid air creating a trail, which gets quite annoying.

Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes it. It would assume that it's not due to things on this side of the server since multiple people are experiencing the same thing plus on single player this doesn't happen. The server we are using is provide by Tree Puncher, using Tekkit 2.11 . Any ideas as to what is causing it and to potentially fixing it. I assume it's not common because I couldn't find anything useful on the web (though I haven't been looking for too long).

Thanks :)

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When you break things with EE tools or items, they get condensed into a small black spacial anomaly, that you can pick up.

It's a lag reducing feature, but multiplayer has a habit of leaving things floating around.

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