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Cleanroom challenge


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Hey Tekkit players!

I've recently been thinking about, and working on, a new kind of challenge for Tekkit.

Inspired by a Feed the Beast map (I played on Sp0nge's one a couple times), I came up with an idea that was both similar and completely different:

The Cleanroom challenge.

The idea here is that you get locked up in a big room, with only a massfab at your disposal, from which you'll have to get all your basic materials, to complete several challenges.

I have set up several test chambers on the server I play on most (http://www.technicpack.net/forums/threads/3-1-2-%E2%99%85ethereal-gaming%E2%99%85friendly-community-towny-multiverse-economy-lwc.9937/), and would like to hear any suggestions for challenges or things to add. Later on, I will be updating this thread with screenshots and more information, and also with the challenges I came up with.

The current rooms are made of iron blocks with white lamps, and the inner dimensions are 30x30x15. The massfab is embedded in the wall (this might change to allow people to pump in scrap). I used an external power source, and the massfab gets powered directly from 8 MFSU's.

The rooms are located on the Ethereal Gaming server (open), so drop by and ask for AerikAwesome if you want a look around.

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to any suggestions :)

Some screenshots:




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And updated with a couple screenshots :)

Anyone any ideas for fun challenges to complete?

I'm mostly thinking of having to craft certain items, such as, for example, a redpower pump.

(yes, I did put in a chest with a single uranium, silver and nikolite ore)

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Rooms 1-4 should now be fully operational, including 17 challenges (of which 1 is secret :)).

Using MultiInv, so people can't take their stuff with them :)

(Although MultiInv doesn't do anything about EE alchemy bags and transmutation tablets...)

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Everything seems to run fine, me and several others are currently doing a test run, muchos credits to TheSandwichMakr for designing the achievement system, and for writing a computer program to keep track of them :D

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