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Idea needs help.

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Hi all, ive been playing minecraft for about a month now and 2 weeks of that has been Tekkit with some freinds were all really enjoying it however power is a bit of a problem, mainly as one person has overclocked all there machines. :)

So after a bit of reading im going to build a Nuclear Reactor. :)

But then i had this idea, instead of just building one. Why not build a factory that makes the 6 parts needed for them, Nuclear Reactor, Reactor Chamber, Integrated Heat Dispencer, Integrated Reactor Plating, Uranium Cell and Coolant Cell.

The thought being push a button and the bit you want appears in a chest, behind the walls all the stuff automates it into making the item requested.

After going through the recipies there are 24 individual items to be made out of 10 raw materials. So in the basement of my factory ill have 10 bays with EE Condencer Chests producing the raw materials and as you move up the factory it gets more and more refined till the 6 chests on the top floor.

Now im trying to work out the best way of automating this, Red Power seems to be the best with maybe a bit of IC piping, but i could be wrong. Does anyone have any advice, sugestions or links to help a new player work his way through the mess of wire and pipes :).

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I think you've pretty much got the idea set out there. Redpower tubes are probably the best item transporting, but remember to use Automatic Crafting Table MKIIs. Perhaps you should add in separate chest for each type of material, then you don't need a button to get the stuff.

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