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1.3.2 Tekkit Mod List


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I'm curious to find out what mods have already been updated to 1.3.2 that are currently in Tekkit. Please let me know if I've missed some.

I know of:



Immibis Core/TubeStuff/Dimensional Anchors



Balkon's WeaponMod


Nether Ores

ChickenBones Mod



Rei's Minimap

Inventory Tweaks

Still 1.2.5:

EE 2

RedPower 2

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Redpower 6 is in closed alpha, you can see it being played on direwolf's smp season3, and ee3 is being created, no ee2 development, but all is made redundant by the fact that 1.4.2 just came out. and yes, there are mods for it, many of them.

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1.4.2 shouldn't be a major hindrance to mod development. I say "should" because I am not a modder myself. I can, however, quote you Azanor from the Thaumcraft 3 thread:

"1.3.2 -> 1.4.2 had been the smoothest version transition I have experienced to date. Conversion took me an hour, and a lot of that time was spent thinking of aspects for the new blocks and items."

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