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Tekkit, OptiFine, and Linux


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Alright, so this might sound a bit like a rant, but in the next release of Tekkit, could the assemblers please, please, please use a different version of OptiFine? For some reason, HD_S_C6 on Linux buggers up some textures that move (players, chests, Buildcraft Engines), including Mobs. I just got blown up by an invisible creeper that I didn't know was there, and that, I would say, is causing the game quality to be degraded a lot.

I have tried removing OptiFine and it hasn't worked. I have tried putting all of the primary mods together in a new modpack, and that didn't work. So please, on behalf of the entire Linux-using, Tekkit-playing community: Use a different OptiFine because invisible Mobs make Linux users use profanity.

I'm sorry if that was a bit like a rant, but it is true: OptiFine HD_S_C6 screws with textures on Linux; I get perfectly fine results on Vanilla 1.3.2 with HD_U_B3.

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False; OptiFine is in bin/basemods.jar and some of it's classes are mixed in with classes of MinecraftForge. I have looked in to it and it is possible to remove OptiFine, but you need to remove all OptiFine classes from bin/basemods.jar and replace some of them with the classes from MinecraftForge.

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