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Skyblock for tekkit [ Original Skyblock modified slightly, same feel because its the same map]


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I don't take any credit for this. None at all. All I did was get the skyblock map and modify it slightly so it fit tekkit. In the main chest there are now once peice of copper, tin, nikolite, and silver. There is also 4 more obsideon in the desert to make a transmutation tablet. A philosiphers stone was added to the main chest so you could make iron and diamonds out of (SPOILER ALERT ON BOTTOM) just like in Feed the Beast.

Again, I say that I take no credit and I am not making any profit off of this map. Thank you for reading and if you want you can download this and play it with your friends

(this is a server map because I made it with the help of little brother just playing around. In the zip files are the nether and normal world files. They are called CTF because I set server properties to reconize that as the world when i made a map called that for a capture the flag game I made. Just rename them, no big deal)

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?avuug8guce40ay4


zombie pigmen drop golden nuggets

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