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LWC and redpower logic blocks

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Has anyone got LWC to successfully lock redpower logic blocks?

It seems I cannot get it to work with them, other blocks are ok. But not items such as the timer, toggle latch, etc.

Even with it in the LWC config they wont auto register on place, or allow you do do /cprivate and manually lock it.

For example for the timer..I have added:


            enabled: true

            autoRegister: private

And though this works for any other tekkit block, it seems it doesnt for these..

anyone have experience with this?

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Eloraam probably uses some kind of crazy custom event that no other block uses or something, such that listening for player interaction doesn't cut it for RP blocks. I wouldn't be too surprised...

As a test of this theory, does LWC allow you to lock redpower control computer monitors, drives, etc.?

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