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Need modders to help with some changes. some done. more needing attention.


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Hello, I am new to modding, and know next to nothing really, but I have modified my tekkit.jar to produce an all desert and water world. (mostly desert) no trees exist thanks to the changes, I am working next on creating an all ocean and island world, ran into some snags, but anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated. I will be back with a link to my test server that people will be free to come and check out, to see how the mod effected the world. also I will do some investigating to see where to put a thread that will detail what I did to mod my tekkit.jar's class files, to effect the changes I made.

my attempt to make a water world needs two things, the landscape must drop and have more water, (managed to get rid of desert and nearly all ice biomes so far.) the other thing being to maybe raise the water level from the block 64 it is at normally, to say 75. Anyone who knows how this is done feel free to message me. or anyone who would like to help out with restricting resources like lowering the amount of copper ore generated to around a 10th or less of what it normally generates at, that would be super appreciated. These worlds are not meant to operate solo, but work in joint effort on multiple servers, all connected via portals so ingame world changing will be nearly as easy as it is to go from the nether to the overworld. the only difference is that these portals will be set in stone, as in you can not create them as a player, only use them, and they are not all 2 way, so getting back to the world you left may entail travel to several other worlds to find a portal that goes back to it.

I have a facebook page set up for this project, for those wanting to work on it, those wanting to play in it, and those who want to help run it. (since this is on multiple servers, anyone with a server could technically join in, and I will start putting together a map of how the servers will interconnect to allow me to properly place your server based on the type of world you want to host. (here is the link to that. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Skyway-Aliens/285863018194143 )

eventually I want to design a server that will generate tons of artificial structures all underground, say made of iron blocks instead of stone, and with very clean shapes, but that is off a ways. If anyone knows how to mod the files to change dungeons, and cave generation feel free to message me as well. (village generation as well). Off to create the other two threads, the build and mod work, and the server thread.

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Thank you. by the way the test server is at www.rca.servegame.com if anyone wants to see how the modifications I made to the classes actually looks, world is in peaceful, and there is no listing of any sort, you can log in to have a look around and test out doing things in it with no restrictions. thread for it is here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-the-architects-home-world-pvp-5-slots-open-mcmmo-worldedit-transporter-custom-desert.27045/

if you see something that needs to be changed please feel free to let me know here or on facebook (I have pidgin up so even when my browser is closed I still get messages sent through facebook) I have other ways to contact me too if anyone wants to chat.

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