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Tekkit, transporter, and minecarts.

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So I'm probably doing something wrong, but here we go anyway.

I'm trying to get carts to work with Transporter to make an inter-dimensional railway between the Nether, and the surface world to transport harvested Lava cells to my base so I can has infinite lava. While an ender chest could do this with way more efficiency, I like trains.

So after working out how to get a cart-teleporter thing working, and setting up the inter-denominational teleporter, that works when Is step through it, I attempt to send a cart through. (I later hope to get an entire train of connected carts through, but I'll settle for one) The cart reaches the gate, warps, but instead of going to the Nether, like I told it to... well, showing might be easier



To clarify, that's behind the original shot, and to the left. Oh, and it's floating in mid-air.

So, who can me how I'm doing this wrong? I'll give you +1 internets. Maybe a wrench.

Important misc info:

Latest version of Tekkit

Additional plugins: Choptree, Forrestry.

It does NOT work when I'm in the cart, but walking through the portal works. Something similar happens on the nether end when I tried it there as well.

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