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[3.1.2]LNN-Ranked.com[PvE][50 slots][Open][Residence][Multiverse][CoreProtect][PEX]Join The Ranks


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Hello and welcome to the LNN-Ranked.com server thread. LNN-Ranked.com is an open tekkit server which uses a ranking/unlock system. The main aim of our server is to provide players with a safe and fulfilling minecraft game experience. We use Anti grief and protection features as well as having the ability to roll back problem players actions, should the need arise. Our server has very little disabled/removed to try and offer the best tekkit experience possible. We have an established player base made up of players of all ages and ability's. We are looking to add to that and all are welcome. :)

We hold periodic building competitions with varying themes and prizes from in game items to steam give away's.


Server technical information:

The server is hosted on a dedicated machine with a 100mb up/down connection running 24gb RAM and 2 dedicated CPU's. The Server runs 24/7.


  • Coreprotect
  • PermissionsEx
  • Residence
  • Multiverse
  • Essentials
  • AutoSaveWorld
  • WorldBorder
  • Dynmap
  • SimpleHelpTickets
  • LWC

Unfortunately we have had to remove the Wireless redstone and Weapons mods, plus Teleport pipes due to stability and/or world corruption issues.

Banned items on this server:

World Anchor

World Anchor Cart

Chunk loaders

The server address is: LNN-Ranked.com

Our website is at http://LNN-Ranked.com


Server Rules:

1.No Griefing.

2.No Stealing.

3.Be courteous.

4.No hacking.

5.Don’t ask Admins / Mods to spawn items.

6.Don’t ask for promotion to staff, if we think you are suitable, we will ask you.

7.Don’t spam the chat.

8.No exploits.

9.No surface quarry’s in the main world (Underground and ocean quarry’s are permitted).

Quarries outside these locations are likely to be destroyed without compensation.

10.Don’t ask in the chat about rank ups. Create a help ticket while standing near your ranking items.

Anybody caught breaking these rules faces the possibility of being banned.

If you have a problem while playing on the server, then please create a help ticket using /helptickets.

The servers dynamic map can be found at: http://lnn-ranked.com:8123/.


Ranking information:

You will start as a Youngling when you first join the server. You must perform the required tasks in order to rank up. As you progress you will unlock more items / perks.

Please read carefully the following information on ranking:

Items handed over for ranks will not be returned.

Players must create their own residence for the ranking requirement. (not a shared one) and also their own items.

For a guide on creating a Residence please watch this video:

WARNING do not try to craft items that are restricted for your rank, your losses will not be compensated.



Restricted items list:

Catalytic lens, Destruction Catalyst, Evertide Amulet, Infernal Armour, Abbys Helmet, Mercurial Eye, EE Power Rings, Dark Matter Tools & Armour, Red Matter Tools & Armour, Watch of Flowing Time, Volcanite Amulet. Cannons, Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm, Turtle, Igniter, Quarry, World Anchor & Cart, Feed Station, Tunnel Bore, ACT Mk1 & Mk2, Work Cart, Frame Motor, Mining Laser, Dynamite, TNT, Nukes, Rotary Macerator, Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, Induction Furnace, Teleporter, Forcefield Core, Nuclear Reactor, HV Solar Array, Mass Fabricator, Energy Condenser, Netherwart, Brewing Stand, Alchemical Tome, Collector Mk2 & Mk3, Relay Mk2 & Mk3, Telsa Coil, Quantum Armour.



The default rank when you join the server.


Requirements – Create a Residence to protect your home, Build a basic IC2 machine with a Batbox and Power Source. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks - Rotary Macerator, Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, Induction Furnace.

Padawan Learner:

Requirements – Build the following machines and keep them powered using a redstone signal - Rotary Macerator, Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, Induction Furnace. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Teleporter & Forcefield Core.

Jedi Knight:

Requirements – Build either of the following – A Forcefield with a radius of 15 capable of running 24/7 OR A Teleporter capable of teleporting you at least 100 blocks away. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Nuclear Reactor, Telsa Coil, HV Solar Array, ACT Mk1 & Mk2.

Jedi Master:

Requirements – Build a functioning Nuclear Reactor that has at least 4 uranium cells that is capable of operating without ever exploding. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Energy Condenser, Mass Fabricator, Brewing Stand, Netherwart, A 20x20 plot in spawn town.

Sith Apprentice:

Requirements – Brew 1 of each of the following potions – Splash of instant damage II, Potion of Speed II, Potion of Instant Health II, Potion of Strength II, Extended Fire Resistance II. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Alchemical Tome, Dark Matter Tools & Armour, Energy Collector Mk2, Energy Relay Mk2, Frame Motor.

Sith Lord:

Requirements – 2 Alchemical Tomes, 2 Mass Fabricators, 1 Functional Redpower Computer. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Quantum Armour, Red Matter Tools & Armour, Energy Collector Mk3, Energy Relay Mk3.

Jedi Grand Master:

Requirements – Make and charge a full Quantum Suit. When complete create a ticket.

Unlocks – Swiftwolf's Rending Gale.


Server address:


See you on there. :)

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I think there should be some worlds. Like a mining world and just stuff like that. That would be very cool :D

Yeah that's the general plan mate - once the main world starts picking up a bit i'll sort a 1k x 1k mining world that can be re-gen'd every now and again.

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