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Teleport pipes connecting to way too many others!


Title: Teleport pipes connecting to way too many others!

Version: 3.1.2

OS: Windows Vista

Java Version: recently got the latest java... don't remember what it is.

Description of Problem:

I am trying to supply power from some hv solar arrays through energy links to a refining facility using power teleport pipes. I recently noticed that even with three seperate hv flower arrays (around 24 energy links) My refinery is receiving little to no power. I looked at the teleport pipe itself and it says that it is cnnected to 514 other pipes and rising! Every minute or so it rises by 50 or so teleport pipes. I have a total of 6 on that frequency. Two are pumps for the oil, one is for the teleport pipe in the refining facility, and 3 are for the hv flower arrays. I also noticed it was doing this on my waterproof teleport pipes.

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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Sounds like you may have a loop somewhere. Make sure that only the teleport pipes that are receiving energy (or liquids) have Receive true, and that sending pipes have the default Receive false. And make sure that conductive pipes only branch, not loop, or that will short circuit. I don't know if it is possible for someone to figure out your frequency and siphon off your power, but I think they only link up by specific user.

How many refineries are you running? 4 redstone engines on a pump (once they get warmed up) can pump more oil than you can refine with a bunch of refineries, so you do not necessarily need electric power for the pumps. One MFSU (with sufficient solar) and energy link can easily power 4 refineries day and night, I think with 5 one of them may turn blue now and then.

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