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Hi. I'm trying to set up a machine on my server (its private, so don't bother asking) that will accept an item, and output redstone.

For Example: Someone comes up to my free-machines shop. Inside, they can use a line of machines as long as they decide to be in there for. But to get in, they have to bypass a iron door - And to open that door, they need to put 1 diamond into said 'machine', and when that machine detects that a diamond has been placed inside its inventory, it will output of a redstone signal, thus opening the door.

How would I do this???

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Filter (Diamond) to Item Detector (Diamond) to storage chest. Set the item detector to multiple pulses. Red stone on one path leading to a state cell, that holds the door open for a period of time, another path to a counter. Then have a timer reduce the count and then a red stone signal from the counter to shut everything down.


I was thinking about this further, and depending on the player base, you may want to limit access to the machines themselves. Instead of having the machines out in the open, make an Automat. This could be done with vend-o-mats, or with a series of chests labeled for the type of process performed on materials added.

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We used to do something on that level but it was a while ago, and I'm sure there is a better way now they we did it.

We did it with Diamond pipes from BC. The special Item would get sent down a path in which the can't remember the name pipe

would light up because the item went through and that signal would open the door.

It's been a while but I think I still have a page bookmarked with a similar way.

you here ya go


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