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[FARMING NOOB] Growing the Hops Crossbreed


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Hello Tekkit Community! First off, if I am posting this in the wrong place, I apologize and, if so, could you please redirect me? Now to my question. I was wondering EXACTLY what I should do to grow the crossbreed of Hops. I have found no good videos that show me from scratch to hops (they always start in the middle). I was wondering, what the best way to grow hops from hoeing the land to harvesting the hops is. Thanks in advance and have a fantastic day! :)

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If you're going to give someone a link, at least bother to read it first. Nowhere in that whole page does it say how to obtain hops.


Overly simplified version - Crossbred plant + Terrawart = Hops (but not all the time)

Thank You Sir. What would be the crossbred plant in the first part and how do you get a Terrawart? Thank you and I appreciate your help! :)

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It wasn't very specific, but I can only assume due to the vagueness of the article that they mean any old crossbred plant. Also, Terrawart is also obtained from crossbreeding plants. Here is the link for the Terra Wart page. http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/Terra_Wart

Cool thanks! I'm kind of assuming that crossbreeding is kind of random but thank you for all your help and have a awesome day!! :D

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