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Server is Overloaded with World Anchors. PLEASE HELP!

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I have a Tekkit server that has been up and running fine for the past month or 2 and has recently become unplayable. I have discovered though that when I have it create a new world, it will run fine. I believe that my problem is with some world anchors that i have placed (2 to be exact) and I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to delete them from the console so that i can keep my world. (This is a private server so I know that it hasn't been hacked or anything else like that).

Oh. I have also put the server on a much faster machine and it still doesn't work. (The fastest I own: Pentium D 3.2 GHz, 2Gb DDR2 RAM(800Mhz), a very nice video card, and Window XP Pro 32 bit.

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I'm pretty sure you could use MCE to get rid of them, by removing the block ID

Also I'm not sure if XP is great for hosting

Yeah I know XP probably isn't the best OS. But I'm kinda tight on money.

And is MCE Minecraft Edit, because if it is, i wouldn't be able to distinguish the objects from each other unless it knew what they were.

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