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Could someone with everything taught to their Transmutation tablet do me a HUGE favor?


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Ok so our transmutation tablet seems to be bugged on our tekkit bukkit server and it will not let us learn some things like coal, charcoal, blaze rods, and other random things it decides to glitch out on. If someone has learned a ton of stuff on their tablet I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your tablet file with me so I can put it on our server so our tablets work correctly.

You can find your tablet file in the AppData/Roaming/.techniclauncher/tekkit/saves/yourworldname/data and the file will be called tablet_YourUserName.dat

if someone could upload one for me somewhere I would be so appreciative! If you run a server that has fully working tablet you can find the file in the main server world in the data folder as well, there will be a tablet file for each person on the server who uses one so you would take the persons that learned the most stuff on it.


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As others have said, your problem is definitely that you can only transmute between fuel/fuel or between matter/matter, unless you use a klein star as an intermediary holding device.

This is why most people who use EE a lot hate transmutation tables, and instead use condensers (which allow fuel -> matter and matter -> fuel) + a chest with one or two of each item, as essentially EE work stations, instead.

Also, there's rarely any reason for you to need to share your transmutation tablet files. If you want to just fill in stuff without having actually found it, just use an alchemical tome (legit or cheat one in), and it will unlock the recipe for every single item with an EMC value on your transmutation tablet. That still won't solve the problem listed in the OP, because even when they're all unlocked, there is still a rule about matter/matter and fuel/fuel. But just a side comment.

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Yeah I just finally figured this out, I thought it was bugged but realized its the locking of fuel or matter.. derp, I used that tome thing and now the tablet has everything and is working great now that I understand it more.. Sorry for the stupid question, I'm still new to EE, been playing IC2 RP2 and BC for a long time but never tried EE cause it seemed pretty cheap/cheaterish to me but now that I've actually tried it, it's quite fun :D

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