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[3.1.2]Fel's Folly[PvE/PvP(opt)][25][Whitelist][mcMMO/Jobz/EssentialsEco/Multiverse]


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Minecraft Username: KEVINSWASTED

Location (Country):MEXICO

How long have you played Tekkit: 1 MONTH

Read our Rules?: YES

Ever Been Banned From a Server, If Yes, Why? NO, NEVER.



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This is a Very good lag-free server. If you're looking for a relatively new server with a world that isn't completely overrun with builds, this server would be a good one to try out. The plugins are configured very well and bugs (as well as griefers) are dealt with very quickly.

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Age: 17

Minecraft Username: t3hero

Location (Country): South Korea

How long have you played Tekkit: Tekkit, not much. I played a bunch of the DirePack and a collection of mods that are included in Tekkit (RP2, IC2, EE2, Forestry)

Read our Rules?: Dem Rules, indeed I have.

Ever Been Banned From a Server, If Yes, Why? Nope, never banned from a server.

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Due to the lack of interest in the multiverse world, Multiverse has been removed. Will implement an arena system and PVP areas into the main world later if any interest in PVP is shown. Major rework today on plugins, went ahead and started doing plugin comparrisons for the version of minecraft we're using and have weeded out or downgraded some plugins that we're looking for events in mc 1.3 that don't exist in 1.2.5.

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Though some of these are waiting for Tekkit Upgrade Release to 1.3x or 1.4x, I have the following changes and upgrades in mind:

After Tekkit Upgrade:

- Will be doing a world wipe. Moving structures on the new world on request.

- Moving to a Towny plugin environment for land management and to add some teeth to the economy.

Infrastructure Upgrades:

- First week of next month the server will be moved to it's own internet provider. I'll still have physical control of the machine, and I think I can keep the IP the same, but it'll no longer share a connection. This should reduce the network latency issues which are sporadic as is.

Hardware Upgrades:

- Within the next 2-3 months I'll be upgrading the servers processor to a core i5 3.4 GHz Quadcore processor, giving the single core java uses a bit more teeth, and helping improve TPS will utilizing Dynmaps full rendering features.

- Within the next 2-3 months the amount of server RAM will double to 16GB allowing at least 14GB for the Minecraft Server it's self to utilize. Though this isn't a needed upgrade with a lower player base, considering the fact that this server has other functions than simply minecraft, and the relatively cheap price of RAM, it's a no brainder so to speak.

- Within the next 1-2 months, I'll be moving the minecraft files, and OS files to a high performance, but small, Solid State Drive. This should increase chunk load times significantly.

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Age: 13

Location: London, U.K.

I have played tekkit for a couple of years, i have read your rules and I will follow them, I would really like to join this server because the owner of my last tekkit server changed it back to vanilla (wtf right?).

In Game Name: ALEXalex251

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