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Watch of Flowing Time on Pedestal?

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Just dicked around with em in creative mode and got it working pretty easily. Drop the pedestal near the thing you want to speed boost, shift-right click on the pedestal to open the interface and pop in the watch. Now right click on it to turn it on, there should be flames around the base and purple particles flying around. If you want to get them working on a redstone signal there are some quirks. Firstly, redstone dust does not work unless it is going directly into the pedestal. Running a line of dust past several pedestals next to each other will not activate them. Redstone wire seems to workaround this issue and will activate all pedestals it is touching. The other quirk is that they only change states when the redstone signal turns on. That is to say:

Redstone on > Pedestals on

Redstone off > nothing

Redstone on > Pedestals off

Redstone off > nothing

You could probably attach some redpower gizmo that sends a pulse when the input changes to get around that.

So yeah, got 7 pedestals up and running on a switch and the collector I was using to test it was running noticably faster, also mobs trying to run through the area were incredibly slow. They do work, just need to be set up correctly.

edit: sweet jesus that image is huge, how do i make it a thumbnail you have to click on to see the full image?

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Seeing as that is Single player of course it works, this is SMP ;) try get them working in that

Ugh, I always forget to double check what section of the forum I am in, thanks for not rubbing it in too much =p

I'll hop on my server and see if I have any luck.

Edit: Nope, messed around with the pedestals for awhile on my server and no luck whatsoever. As was mentioned, adding items to the pedestals GUI does not make them show on the pedestal block, and they cannot be powered on.

Sorry friends! On the bright side I had never messed with pedestals before and had some fun with them in technic ssp =p

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