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Deployer - Will not place lava in tank


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Hi all,

I can't seem to find out what's going on here. I've got a deployer that's being fed lava buckets and that deployer is facing a tank. However it will not place the lava from the bucket into the tanks for some reason - I click the level and it just does nothing.

If I remove the tank, the deployer will place the lava on the floor though.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the help.



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deployers do not do everything that a human player does when right clicking.

For example, they also don't work with REPs, and they don't work with muskets, etc. Tanks are just a block that deployers don't work on.

If you want to use non-BC things to put liquids into tanks, look into a railcraft block called the "liquid unloader." There is a slot for a bucket in it, and if supplied with buckets (from RP tubes for instance), it will fill a tank with them at about 1 per second.

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Someone had this problem a few days ago so I gave him a way to get lava buckets from an Ender chest filled from a nether pump station.

1.Put an Adv. Item Loader next to your Ender chest

2. Put an Item detector below the block the Item loader is facing (the black square is the output)

3. Put a boarding track on the Item loader and face it forward

4. Put another Item detector next to the other one and place a boarding track going the opposite direction

5. Place an Adv. Item Unloader with black box facing the black box of the Item loader (the second boarding track should be right next to it)

6.Place a Liquid Loader next to the Item unloader

7. Attach wooden pipe to liquid loader and power with redstone engines to pipe empty buckets into chest

8. 2 blocks under the liquid loader place another item detector

9. Place boarding track on item detector.

10. Next to the item detector (underneath the liquid loader) place a Liquid Unloader with a boarding track facing towards the item detector on top

11. Attach stone/cobblestone/whatever waterproof pipe to Liquid unloader and pipe into tank, or directly into Geo generator.

There is probably an easier/better way to do it, but that way works.

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I managed to find a cheap workaround.

Lava pump station in nether takes lava out and puts into a tank. Then a deployer takes lava out into buckets. Lava buckets go to the nether chest.

Back in the normal word, my deployer drops lava in a 1x1 area and I have a pump directly above it that places it in tanks. A-wooden transport pipes move stuff back around.

Seems to work so far. The only difference to my original plan is instead of placing lava straight into a tank it has to be dropped on the floor then suck up by a pump....

Cheers for the replies all :)

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For completions sake in case anyone else searches this problem thought I'd post the screenshots of it working. I had to use a world anchor in the nether but in order to make this work I had to use a dimensional anchor right next to it or the nether world unloads. The reason I had to use a dim anchor next to a world anchor is I aren't an op so can't change the area the dim anchor loads till I see the admin :)



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