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Help With Modding Tekkit and Server


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Hi, how do you acctually mod tekkit and the tekkit server file?

Do you have to use Forge or can you use modloader for the mod? i want the mod to be in conjuntion with another mod as an extra, but i want it to work on the server launcher and actually on tekkit.

Help please?

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If you want to have your mod included in the Tekkit mod pack your best bet is to suggest it in the appropriate place and wait things out. If you want to put it in your server and have people play on it then you would need to ask every single person to modify his Tekkit client.

Forge Mod Loader provides the ability for systems to load mods from the file system. It also provides key capabilities for mods to be able to cooperate and provide a good modding environment.

It's also compatible with ModLoader So using Forge is recommended.

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