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KoolNyan's 16x Packs for People that Have Horrible Computers


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Hello everyone,

I have been working on a few 16x textures for the people on my server that play with really shitty computers. I have to say that not all the mod in Tekkit are in this since I have a custom server so all of them are but some of them I added in as extras! I am not complete but I will post pictures very soon.

Nyan's 16x SMP Revival Mod Support (REAL)

So for a while now I've been using ColTim's SMP's Revival Technic'd Texture Pack. I had noticed that all of his textures are not complete. So after a while I got tired of seeing the default textures of some things like the alloy furnace.

Unlike his pack, mine has new block textures for all the newly added blocks, redone GUI and even a few tweaks to the texture pack itself. Done give me all the credits, give some credit for ColTim and Kakermix. I will site all the credits and textures that were done in the credits.txt within the texture pack.

Original Link to ColTim's SMP's Revival Technic'd:



Credits go to the texture authors!




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