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Iodine Capsules and the Rainmaker


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Well I wasn't sure if this was related to the specific server I was playing on or not so I loaded up Tekkit in SP and cheated myself the materials to get going and I still wasn't able to produce the iodine capsules from the recipe given on the Forestry wiki until I found the "right" kind of tin ingot. It looks like this bug is related to the Thermopile bug where you have to use the right kind of ingot. In this case it is the tin ingot with item ID 5260

Also, sorry to everyone for all the time I have wasted by posting in another thread. I didn't mean to have a moderator post in this thread to point out to everyone how stupid I was.

Anyway I am hoping that this information can later assist someone as they too try to create an iodine capsule to charge a rainmaker to act as a water source. But I definitely know not to post in other people's threads about something so tangentially unrelated.

Thank you all for your time!

signed.... oops I know better than to sign my own post!

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