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[3.1.2] Sky Tekkit[PvP/PvE][50 slots][Open][Towny] [IConomy]


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Welcome to SkyTekkit! An Open Tekkit for all to enjoy!


·No Griefing in Spawn, or any other town. Unclaimed structures are griefable.

·No betraying your town. (I.E joining a town just to loot it)

·No EMC Farms of any kind. (I.E Blaze factories or Bone factories) It ruins the economy.

·No Hacks or Cheats

·No asking for items or a higher rank

·Breaking any of these rules will result in a BAN

·This is your warning! So don’t go complaining to us when you are banned!


·No mods are disabled. However, some are restricted. Equivalent Exchange is the most restricted mod on the server, due to easy exploits.


·Ring of Arcana

·Black Hole Band

·RM Gem Armour

·RM Armour and Tools

·RM Furnace

·World Anchor


·Destruction Catalyst


·DM WarHammer

·Watch of Flowing Time

·Void Ring

·Nova Catalyst and Catalysm

·Collector MK3

Donator Items:

·Quantum Armour

·Swift Wolf Rending Gale

·Energy Collectors up to MK2

Major Plugins:








SkyTekkit was made by Skylord_95 a couple months ago. It has grown from small to big in a very fast amount of time. Unfortunately, the map was corrupted and had to be reset. With this new reset ushered in a new era of SkyTekkit. There are 4 admins and 1 mod. Usually one is always on.

Skylord is a friendly owner and is always doing his best to keep everything up and running.

JohnnyC, the new hoster, and friend of Skylord.

Komekazee, the architect. Kome's architecture will blow your mind! You can see in his town MiHeav, which is open to everyone!

Talon685, the tekkit expert, Tal knows just about everything to do with tekkit. He Co-runs a town that hopes to rule the server, in a legitimate way of course, Redfall.

ArcoCraft, the mod, lives in the town Redfall and is always on a project.

The admins try to play as legitimate as possible, so you won't be seeing any RM towers anytime soon! SkyTekkit is all about having fun and making towns with the Tekkit modpack!

The Community:

Here at SkyTekkit we pride ourselves with a hard working and friendly community. We are growing everyday, and we hope to see you here soon!





Our Lovely Spawn built by Komekazee




The City of Redfall. Capital of the nation: The United Cities of Tekkit




The Beautiful City of MiHeav

IP: jcminecraft.net:29999

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