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Looking for Tekkit Clan with real voice chat(no Skype)


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hello I'm looking for a group of people that play tekkit minecraft for fun with good voice chat Ventrilo, Team Speak 3, Mumble honestly anything with a push to talk feature.

and I don't play a single single player game and I don't play a game without voice chat.

I prefer 18+ or as long as there no squeaky kid voices so I probably can live with 15+

here is some basic information about me

Age: 22

gender: M

TimeZone: US central time(Iowa)

how long I've been playing minecraft: Minecraft off and on for nine months. Tekkit about nine days and lots of YouTube tutorials LOL

in game name: poldarn500

steam name: poldarn500

play style: the mix between casual and competitive

current job: kitchen manager

when I'm on: every ounce of free time I have

if you think I can fill a spot on your team message me through the website or send a friend request on steam

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