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Difficulties - What to choose?


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Well what variety of server do you want?

Do you just want players to mess around and build with each other, or perhaps a ruthless PvP server in which death is always a single sword stroke away.

If you have no particular theme, I suggest sticking to normal, people who want difficulty aren't totally disappointed, and people who don't like fighting aren't scared off either.

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The server is strictly for 6 players, but I have yet to invite any of my friends. I'm just concerned about the creepers potentionally blowing up equipment we have used much time on, or worst case scenario, triggering a nuclear explosion. The idea of the server is to have fun with the Tekkit Pack, but at the same time have PvP on if someone wants to be a douche. You cannot force rules on people like that. But you think Normal should be fine? As of now it is on Peacefull, so that I do not have to piss myself every single time I'm underground mining.

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