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What's gone wrong with my machine setup?

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I've searched everything I can think of to find a solution to this problem.

I have the very basis of my sorting system set up. I realize it's not ideal, however, like I said, it is in it's infancy (and, by no means am I an expert)

this is my setup (extracted from behind the wall):


my sorting wall:


The problem:

Only every other machine is receiving full power, one of the Rotary macerators, and one of the singularity compressors "stop" charging at about 90%

yet the MFE's and the geothermal's will still continue to output power indefinitely.

This is how they're plugged in

Anyone know what's gone wrong here? this is my first attempt at an organised automated system, my previous world (locally hosted server for 3-5 people, including myself) was (literally) a mashup of machines, generators (geothermal, LV and MV solar array's), and cables, yet somehow it worked... o.O

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I knew I forgot to post something... :P

Update the "plugged in" image, sorry.. :P

The two machines that don't fully charge are drained and stop working, and the ones that do fully charge are barely able to maintain power.

I'll try removing the MFE - thanks for the tip! :)

Removing the MFE's appears to have worked, it'll mean a little bit of reworking to the system, but at least it gets my system functioning again! thanks!

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Yeah, that probably means that your power input is too low per tick. Try putting transformer upgrades into your non advanced machines, and switch to MV power. That should give your machines more power. Also, don't bother removing the MFE because that outputs MV power itself, while a Batbox would output far less and struggle to power such power-hungry machines - just add in transformer upgrades and remove your LV transformer, and this setup should work fine provided that you have enough power input.

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