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[Buildcraft] Mod extension suggestion.

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So i had played tekkit for a while, and i had an idea if cars could be made using buildcraft.

I know its complicated to make a mod, but i think its a good idea.

Some brief points:

Car can be powered by fuel only.

It consumes 1 bucket of fuel per 20 mins of driving.

There are 3 speeds:

Speed 1 - Consumes 1 bucket per hour. As Fast as fast running.

Speed 2 - Consumes 2 buckets per hour. 2x Faster than running.

Speed 3 - Consumes 3 buckets per hour. 4x Faster than running.

If speed is greater than 1, car may explode if you hit an obstacle.

If car breaks you have to redo some damaged parts.

If im posting this on wrong section, please correct me to right one.

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