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Need a good owner, and more!

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Hey guys, i Have a tekkit server. 24/7 Vps/Hosted by creeperhost.net..

It's a 3GB Ram, with 2 cores etc.

I need a tekkit pro who can help me with some problems i have and help with bugs/and new commands that i don't know how to use.

I also need a website designer as of im making a website soon!!

I need a good architect who can build spawn.


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Hey guys, I'm looking for somebody to open a lemonade stand with me!

Your responsibilities will be 100% of all the work: building the lemonade stand, obtaining lemons and sugar, making the lemonade, advertising the lemonade, selling the lemonade, and accounting for our revenue.

Your pay will be: 40% of all profits.

Limited time offer!


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