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Help with Filter's

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I like using tube's and in Technic and single player Tekkit i never have had this problem i'm playing on a server but in my factory in particular my HV-Solar factory the filters get (for a lack of a better term) jammed where even with the system powered down they show that they have a red-stone signal from somewhere. I have broken them and replaced them seemed to fix it for only a tick but as soon as they push the first item they jam up again.

I have searched for this but I have been unable to find a solution any help would be well... helpful :D

As a side note none of my timers are shorter then 1 sec'

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the ones that get stuck are heading to mkII auto crafting table connecting to the side of the table and as far as i can tell the item slots have been mostly empty (been working on timing so theres no overflow)

A single input will ONLY fill one single row of a crafting table MkII. For example, if you're pumping in iron, it will fill up ONE and only one row in its inventory with iron, and then no more iron can be pumped in. The other rows are reserved for other types of items (so that you can't flood the inventory and not be able to fit in enough other things for your recipe).

So look to see if the entire row is filled. If so, then it is not a valid destination for more of that item, even if other rows are empty.

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